K001 Rejuvenating Cleansing Gel K002 Protective Cleansing Milk
A light-weight, low foaming and non-comedogenic cleanser which cleanses your skin which cleanses your skin without stripping away all of its ingredients, leaving you feeling fresh. A natural almond/olive oil which helps to cleanse your skin gently and quickly, leaving no residue while it soothes and protects the tender skin.
K003 Hydro Astringent Lotion K004 UV25 Protection
This Product helps to tone and condition skin which are normal and dry and is suitable for sensitive skin as well. It is a highly effective formulation for catalytic action which consists of bio-marine peptide and flower acid that helps to inhibit lipase and regulate overactive sebaceous glands. This formulation helps to protect your against environment elements such as sun rays via a non-chemical sunscreen. It is nor greasy, as it does nor have any oil content. Also acts as a perfect base for make-up.
K005 Bio Cellular Complex K006 Cell Rejuvenation Cream
This formulation that should be used daily is specially designed to balance the skin's water content and acts as a protective shield against environment factors. It is lightweight, non-greasy, non-comedogenic and helps to balance the pH of your skin. It leaves the skin looking radiant and fresh. Formulation to protect, soothe and reduce the redness associated with skin resurfacing procedures.It offers a soothing calmative effect and its active ingredients penetrates into the epidermal layer to regenerate new cells and restore the collagen fibre. This cream seals in moisture and nourishes skin while protecting it from harmful free radical formation.
K007 Perfect Night Concentrate K008 Lightening Reparative
An intensive lightening concentrate that helps to lighten brown & black spots. Improved skin colour, texture and tone will be observed and your skin will gradually restore its vibrant skin tone and radiant complexion. This high purity hydro-serum penetrates into skin to restore its elasticity and provides an excellent conditioning "boost" to the skin. Helps to inhibit melanogenis naturally.

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